Everyone who has Type 1 diabetes and some people who have Type 2 diabetes need a daily insulin injection to help control their blood sugar levels.

Injecting insulin will help keep your blood sugar level in a normal range so you can stay healthier. Controlling and monitoring your blood sugar is vital in avoiding problems related to diabetes.

Whether you’re injecting insulin regularly or for the first time, turn to your doctor or health educator for advice and instruction. The insulin you use will only work well if it is injected correctly. 

Your doctor can show you the best way to inject your insulin. It is important that you stay in touch with your doctor about injecting your insulin properly.

Incorrect use of your insulin injection can make your blood sugar control worse, which can lead to serious health conditions. Improper use of insulin injections can also injure your skin, waste insulin and cost more.

Each individual’s treatment is different. Be sure to ask your doctor about your specific treatment.

You are not alone in treating your diabetes. In partnership with your health care provider, we want you to be aware and be in control of your health. We want to make sure you are injecting your insulin safely.