As we age, we want to live in the comfort and security of our own homes for as long as possible. But falls in the home can be a serious health concern.

You can take simple steps to help prevent falls. Here are some key ways to prevent falls:

  • Bathrooms: Install grab bars in the shower or tub. They make it easier to get in and out safely. A night light provides additional lighting.
  • Stairs: Install lights over stairs, steps and landings to make your home brighter. Remove items from the stairs to keep the area clutter free. Provide handrails on both sides of the stairs from top to bottom.
  • Bedrooms and Hallways: Adding night lights can help light your way. If you have area rugs, tape them down. Better yet, consider not using them. 
  • Vision: Have your vision checked regularly.
  • Convenience: Keep items you use a lot in cabinets or drawers that are within easy reach.

It is also important to stay mentally and physically active. Spending time with friends and family, enjoying your favorite hobbies, and exercising regularly can help keep the mind and body healthy.